Have Fun With An Educational Party Based On A WWII Historical Novel

A World War II historical novel is a great way to get ideas for a theme party for your book club or historical group. These novels are a great way to get to know the era through a character's eyes. It is also fun to recreate some of the scenes, foods, and characters as a way to learn more about the story and the history behind it. While preparing for a theme party related to this kind of novel, here are some ideas to make it both a fun and learning experience.

Pick a character from the chosen book:

Have each person pick a character from the book and dress up as that character at your next party or event. When you read the book, get a feel for the character's personality and try to choose clothing that person would choose. If you're having trouble, try some research using old photos and news clips. Dress in a way for which they are most known in the book. For example, if they were a pilot, then try to find a pilot's uniform. If they were an industrial worker, then dress in something similar to overalls. Remember that many clothing items and materials were difficult to find during World War II, so people had to improvise.

Use the book's most distinguished scenes:

Determine the most common setting or motif in the book and incorporate some aspect of it in your party. If there is a recurring scene or moment, try to create party favors and decorations around this theme. If possible, incorporate the specific things mentioned in the book. You can also add World War II memorabilia to your theme party. If your friends have any old ration books, advertisements, war bond papers, rubber drive advertisements, encourage them to bring them along. Use these items to encourage discussion about the book and its characters as well as the war in general.

Bring food to the party:

If there's any specific foods mentioned in the novel, try tracking down the recipes and bringing them to the party. Many of the popular foods people ate back then are still around today in some form. Remember during World War II, many foods were hard to find and a lot of the canned food was saved for the overseas war effort. Most people were encouraged to grow their own vegetables and raise their own chickens and eggs. Meat and dairy were heavily restricted save for organ meats, ox tails, pigs feet and rabbit. Since a large number of women were working, many companies came out with quick and easy meals such as macaroni and cheese. Try to illustrate what foods they ate either at home or on the war front depending on the focus of the novel.

A World War II historical novel theme party is a great way to create an interesting, yet fun way for your book club or historical group to learn more about this era. The key thing is to bring the book to life and encourage people to learn more about this time period. This may encourage more people to seek out information about history and the people who made it.