4 Facts About Megalodon Sharks

Most kids like to learn about "monsters" and dinosaurs and other huge creatures. Learning about those things can be really fascinating for kids. They can obsess and focus on the animals that they really like. Some kids like to learn about sharks and are enamored with the biggest of sharks, the megalodon. If you want to keep up with your child, you will want to learn a few facts so that you can dazzle your child with your knowledge. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Books With Long Riddles Are Perfect For Your Children

If you are looking at different types of books to purchase for your children, you should consider looking at books that contain long riddles. These riddles are not only fun to read, but they are also even more fun to try and solve. Plus, because there are so many different riddles within the book, you won't have to worry about running out of riddles any time soon. This article will discuss 3 reasons why books with long riddles are perfect for children. [Read More]

Historical Accuracy And Conjecture: Writing Fiction To Fill In The Blanks And How To Do It

Except for the actual quotes taken down by people who were present at the time they were spoken, no one ever really knows what any historical figure has ever said. It is assumed that, because of some diaries or literary works penned by these famous people, that they had certain attitudes and attributes and might just have easily spoken this way or that. When movies and stories about famous people are made, there is a vast amount of artistic license taken because conversations between these famous people and others in their lives are all conjecture. [Read More]